roast turkeyWe here at Urlesque know how intimidating the podcast-o-sphere can be. There are literally millions of podcasts floating through the pod-tubes – far too many for any one person to sort through on their own! Lucky for you, we've painstakingly combed through the best of the best food and drink podcasts to figure out what you should listen to when you feel like chowing down.

After the break, check out our list of the 5 best food and drink podcasts.

5. Grace Before Meals

Winner of the 2008 Podcast Award for Best Food and Drink Podcast, Grace Before Meals is a podcast that revolves around "one fundamental concept: the simple act of creating and sharing a meal can strengthen all kinds of relationships." It's a program that really gets to the bottom of the important role that food can -- and should -- play in your life.

Obviously not the most irreverent food and drink podcast -- if you're looking for that, check out some of our other entries -- Grace Before Meals does its best to strengthen the bonds of community while promoting the joy of good food. The show has been so successful that it has grown from a podcast into a book and now a TV pilot.

4. The Restaurant Guys

Run by long time restaurateurs and wine dealers Mark Pascal and Francis Schott, The Restaurant Guys brings humor and intelligent food conversation to the discerning listener. The show includes conversations with famous chefs, food writers and critics, and even features the occasional giveaway. Restaurant Guys is based out of central New Jersey, specifically the New Brunswick theater district, but the show is so articulate, fascinating, and good-natured that its appeal is much broader. If sophisticated food conversation is your bag, you should definitely check it out.

3. Good Beer Show

Two time Podcast Award winner for Best Food and Drink Podcast, the Good Beer Show claims to be the oldest beer-related podcast. It's certainly an august (by internet standards) and quality institution. Each week, the show's host, Jeffrey Meyer, drags his audio equipment down to one of the largest beer halls in the Midwest, and gets right down to reviewing beers. He sticks mostly to micro, craft, and imported brews, and the show features plenty of music and ribald talk. It's an absolute blast overall and a must-listen podcast for any beer nut.

2. CoffeeGeek

Proud recipient of the 2007 Podcast Award for Best Food and Drink Podcast, CoffeeGeek is the definite coffee podcast. Everything gets covered from the world of high end coffee and espresso, with a depth of knowledge suitable for pros and a convivial atmosphere suitable for newcomers. There are product and bean reviews, news updates from the world of coffee and fascinating interviews from industry experts. If you're the type who needs their java fix, you need CoffeeGeek.

1. Wine Library TV

Wine Library TV is one of the most successful podcasts ever and a go-to source for blunt, entertaining, and un-aristocratic wine information. Run by Gary Vaynerchuk, proprietor of a wine retail shop in New Jersey (and rabid Jets fan), the show's express intent is to demystify the world of wine. The reviews are brash, ecstatic, and unbelievably entertaining, with Gary often screaming into the camera in excitement. If you have even a passing interest in wine, you owe it to yourself to watch at least one episode of Wine Library TV. Chances are, after that you'll be hooked.