FACEBOOK, YOU DID IT! You thought a pickle deserved to have more fans than rock band Nickelback and by the powers of the all-mighty Internet, you've officially proven that a delicious pickle (sweet and/or dill) is a bigger rockstar than all of Nickelback. We're really proud of you, Facebook. You've proved that you can truly come together on matters that are so much more important than "I FLIP MY PILLOW OVER TO GET TO THE COLD SIDE" and "That "S" thing we all drew in elementary school."

Another Facebook campaign that we've been closely following, the fight to get Betty White a hosting gig on SNL, might also have a 'Pickleback' success story. It was just reported that Saturday Night Live is 'close' to booking the comedienne for a shared hosting gig! We'll keep our ears to the pavement (err, web browser) until we see some results. Meanwhile, keep on doing what you're doing, Facebook -- let's get this onion more fans than Justin Bieber!

BUT FIRST, let's reflect on the pickle's success with the following celebratory video: