guy preparing to do shots of Tabasco sauceTabasco sauce is hotter than both Christina Hendricks in a bikini and your mom. It's so hot, some dummies will shoot it (that's "alcoholic speak" for "take a shot of" for all you teetotalers). In fact, some of these dummies not only shoot Tabasco, but they want you to know they did it, so they uploaded it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Here are some ways you could should should never shoot Tabasco, YouTube dum-dum-style. (Some of them have NSFW audio.)

Go shot by shot so as to develop a "taste" for it (just kidding, GO FAST!)

Be a teenage girl and chug it in your anime-sized classroom (when your teacher is doing other anime things)

Have a masochistic babysitter/older brother with a Flip cam

Drink a full cup's worth because you can

Be a Jersey Shore reject

Prepare to immediately vomit into a toilet filled with pee

Wear lipliner and be awesome