Humans aren't the only ones who go weak at the knees when they get a kiss from their valentine. Our good friends in the animal world love locking lips just as much as we do. And frankly, they look a lot cuter doing it. No tongue here!
  • Kissing Prairie Dogs

photo by Mila Zinkova
  • Kissing Piglets
Kissing Piglets
photo by Stewart
  • Kissing Lambs
Kissing Lambs
photo by Paraflyer
  • Kissing Cats
Kissing Cats
photo by Piez
  • Kissing Dogs
Kissing Dogs
photo by habitatgirl
  • Kissing Marmots
Kissing Marmots
photo by Alan Vernon
  • Rabbit Kissing a Cow
Rabbit Kissing a Cow
photo by nishioka
  • Kissing Giraffes
Kissing Giraffes
photo by irishwildcat
  • Kissing Elephants
Kissing Elephants
photo by kthypryn
  • Kissing Cows
Kissing Cows
photo by audreyjm529
  • Kissing Horses
Kissing Horses
photo by mjc
  • Kissing Alpacas
Kissing Alpacas
photo by Rennett Stowe
  • Kissing Penguins
Kissing Penguins
photo by longhorndave
  • Kissing Frogs
Kissing Frogs
photo by g-hat
  • Kissing Seals
Kissing Seals
photo by aemosion
  • Kissing Turtles
Kissing Turtles
photo by striatic
  • Kissing Otters
Kissing Otters
photo by Erika Q