funny gas station sign - gas costs arm, legGood news, guys. There are more signs! Look, we already brought you hacked stop signs, the "God Hates" signs phenomenon, and unintentionally hilarious political signs. I thought we had exhausted all the sign possibilities and then I remembered ...O...M...G...intentionally hilarious political signs.

Don't get me wrong here. God knows watching the internet catalog the stupidity of stupid people is incredibly entertaining, but watching the internet catalog the wit of witty people is even more entertaining still: especially when those witty people have those stupid people as targets.

Yup, these past few years have been particularly turbulent politically and the internet has been there every step of the way to mock the uninformed, the un-self-aware, and the just plain unintelligent (also, Christian Bale). Check it out after the break.

1. This Sign Is The Brownest Thing On This Entire Block

2. Keep Your Magic Panties Off My Wedding Cake

3. Free Speech For All, Even Douche Bags

4. We Can't All Marry Liza Minnelli

5. We Can Quote The Bible Too

6. Elizabeth Taylor Had 8 Husbands, My Brother Just Wants 1

7. I Hate Crowds

8. Would You Rather I Marry Your Daughter????

9. Homo Sex Is Great

10. Hold On Protestors, Imma Letchu Finnish, But Chaplin Had The Best Hitler Mustache Of All Time

11. Judgement Day Is Here. Show Your Tits And I Will Judge 'Em

12. Jesus Had Two Daddies

13. My Two Moms Can Beat Up Your 14 Wives

14. They're The Ones That Keep Having Gay Babies

15. No Illegals, No Burritos (You Better Think Twice America)

16. [Citation Needed]

17. Thanks Obama, I'mma Let You Finish, But Canada Had The Best Healthcare Of All Time

18. Corduroy Skirts Are A Sin

19. You Stole Our Obama Sign = We Bought Another Sign = Obama Campaign Gets More Money

20. "Teabagging" Our Way To Equality!

21. Wig $40.00, Glasses $10.00, Pissing Off The Religious Protesters: Priceless

22. If God Hates Fags, Why Are We So Cute?

23. Destroy The Computer!!!

24. Christian Bale Sucks

25. Obama Bring Back Arrested Development

26. LOL! J/K!

27. I Hate Protesters

28. 3 Words That Will Save The Economy: Gay Bridal Registry

29. We Have No Idea What We're Talking About!

30. The Only Threat To Our Marriage Is His/Her Snoring

31. Youth In Asia Will Kill Your Grandma

32. Leviticus Also Said "No Hair Cuts"

33. Gee, A Whole Lot Of White People Here Today...

34. Does This Shirt Make My Ass Look Dumb?

35. Gay Sex Is In!

36. Down With Sodomy! Up With Tea Bagging!

37. The Gay Agenda: Spend Time With My Family, Be Treated Equally, Buy Milk