You knew this was going to happen. You had to have known. Big fans of MTV's Jersey Shore = the internet. The internet is also known for putting things where they just don't belong. Who is the perfect pint-sized, cartwheeling wonder that would be so fantastically Photoshopped into scenes previously popularized by the web? Why, Nicole "Snooki" Pilozzi.

Thanks to amazing memestarter, Sean Ahern, we've got the transparent image. (I'd like to point out one thing, however, as a fan of Jersey Shore I do know that she goes by "Snooki", not "Snookie" -- like a few of y'all have been calling her. It's OKAY though, it's probably for the best that you didn't actually know that.)

Thanks to the fine, fine people of the Tumblr community -- we've got an (ALMOST!) meme. See some of our recent favorites below.

  • Where's Snooki?
  • Via our friends at Best Roof Talk Ever: "Snookie broke her one rule of the summer: Never fall in love in Antarctica"

  • Via Tumblr's own topherchris, Snooki appears to have missed the 'memo'
  • Snooki: a huge fan of James Cameron (via uncannie)
  • Sure, Vince Vaughn's a bit out of place...but what is Snooki doing there? Sing it, girl! (via rillawafers)
  • 9021-SNOOKI!

  • Urlesque's Stephen gives it a shot. Girl, you're facing the wrong way!

  • Brilliant (and inspiring!) Photshopping via horklog.