cat on ping-pong tableIn the ongoing fight between Cat People and Dog People, we would normally push for dogs in the category of Most Fun To Play With. Because c'mon nerds, let's get real: fetch wasn't meant to be played with a prissy pussycat.

On the other hand, watching a cat chase after stuff tends to be pretty awesome too, the way they clasp their paws together when whilst grabbing string or chasing lasers.

But today the earth spins off its axis (a little), as we witness a cat caught in the middle of a ping pong match.

Animal torture or kitty's first table tennis match? We report, you decide. (Either way: WIN!)

P.S. Did you hear the gal behind the camera say she was going to send the video to "America's Funniest Home Videos"? No need, lady! You're on Urlesque! INSTANT CAT FAME ALERT!