stephen as lance bassListen up, fellas. There's a new Facebook meme sweeping the site and unlike the Facebook Bra Color Status sensation from earlier this month, both men and women can get in on the fun. "Doppelganger Week" is simple -- update your profile picture to a photo of the celebrity that people tell you that you look like. Here's a version of the message that's going around, courtesy of one of our fabulous Facebook fans, Hydrick:

IT'S CELEBRITY LOOK ALIKE WEEK!! Change your profile pic to a celebrity that people tell you that you look like. If you have more than one, change it every day, until Saturday! Let's see if we can all still recognize each other! Re-post this on your status, and see our celebrity look alikes!

Urlbot Stephen took the plunge yesterday and updated his pic to *NSync's Lance Bass (compared above), but instead accidentally changed Urlesque's profile pic to Bass, resulting in a mini-meme of Everyone is Lance Bass on our Facebook wall. (Boy, do we have fun over there!)

According to Huffington Post's interview with Bob Patel, the alleged creator of Doppelganger Week, the meme lives on through Saturday, so the time is now to get in on the action.

So what celebrity do you look like? What celebrities are popping up into your feeds? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, show us on Facebook. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure which celebrity that I look like. Do any of you trusty commenters have any suggestions for me?

Want to show off your celeb doppelganger? Send us your photos and we'll upload them here (if you send them, you're giving us permission to post them on the site, btw).

EDIT: We've got some doppelgangers!

  • Bert & Patrick Stewart
  • Jazzy & Mila Kunis
  • Nancy & Ricki Lake
  • Lacey & Heidi Klum

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