comic about a pretzel head

Axe Cop: He'll chop your head off! And then he'll run to an evil headquarters and then he'll eat a lemon and then he'll be a baby that eats candy canes. The author of this comic is Malachai Nicolle, and he's five years old.

Ethan Nicolle doesn't know where this is going; the thirty-year-old comics author and artist just draws what his five-year-old brother tells him.

Ethan's previous work has been nominated for comics' highest honor, the Will Eisner Award. He'd better win this time with Axe Cop.

Below, the Nicolle brothers write an episode of the comic (which grew from one of Malachai's playtime fantasies) together on video. Adorbs!

: The site is currently down due to all the traffic and attention! In the meantime, you can find links to the first six strips of the series on Nicolle's blog. Thanks, Bridget for the heads up!