Pope tweet, 'Go forth and blog'

According to The Washington Post (and other reputable news sources, we swear!) the Vatican's very own Pope Benedict XVI recently released a statement that has gotten us bloggers all a-flutter. Basically, he wants his flock to blog. Seriously, if you count the Pope's word as literally coming down from the heavens above -- God wants us to blog. Whether or not I listen to the Pope or not, I'll take that as a GO.

That got us thinking, what if the Pope were to truly embrace the online world and all the web 2.0 tools we use every single day...
  • If the Pope had only 140 characters to bless you, how would he do it? This is a question I often ponder and while I wish I could credit for this one, @THE_REAL_POPE definitely exists. Basically it's @THE_REAL_SHAQ -- but supremely blessed.
  • Would the Pope "like" your Facebook status? Would he leave you a comment? Let's imagine a world where the Pope is an active Facebook-er...

  • TMI, Benny?

  • YOU BET he'd be on Tumblr -- all over Tumblr's radar and reblogged by the hundreds. POPE WIN!

  • The Pope's no n00b, he wants to connect with ALL of his followers -- even if that means stalking them on the location-based friend-finder game Foursquare! See those special "Pope Badges"? You can collect them all!