Apple unveiled its much ballyhooed new gizmo today: their tablet, the Apple iPad, a $499 toy with a 9.7 inch LED back-lit touchpad screen that will allow you to surf the web, read a book, watch a movie, and do basically everything an iPhone or Macbook can already do. Oh, except you can't make phone calls on it. But you can use it like an e-reader, which is everyone's favorite gadget of 2009!

Of course, we're not here to talk tech; we're here to be ridiculous. So below, a roundup of our favorite iPad parodies, mock-ups and general Photoshops.

(Photo via SparkleofTruth)

  • Steve Jobs announcing the most brilliant invention of all time:
  • Wait, are you sure it wasn't just a giant isoPod?

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  • Why does Japan get everything before we do?

  • And God said, let there be a 1-year warranty!

  • Whatever happened to Rick Moranis anyway?

  • This is essentially what it is, right?

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  • So in a way we are going back in time...

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  • The joke you and all of your friends will be making FOR DAYS! (Don't worry, we still think they are funny.)

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  • AMEN!

(via Wired)

  • MadTV actually predicted the future:

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