Sometimes overwhelming darkness fills your soul like dirt in a fresh grave. There is no moon in the sky. A thick, soupy fog traps all the remaining light. You have drawn a pentagram on your chest. The time of the cleansing draws near. Now, there's only one thing left before you perform your Satanic masterpiece: the music.

But, man, how many times do you have to listen to Metallica's uber-hit 'Enter Sandman' before you're all like, "Been there, worshiped the devil to that?" Maybe all you need is a change of style. Here are some of the internet's best 'Enter Sandman' covers. Watch these videos with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight.

  • Super-fast Version

  • Kazoo Version

  • Cello Version

  • Jazzy Version

  • Crazy Piano Version

  • Marching Band Version

  • Metallica With Orchestra

  • 8-Bit Version