Spider-Man figurine lying proneIn the tradition of Kittens Inspired By Kittens, Matthew and Kevin made a stream-of-consciousness-style video that makes little to no sense whatsoever. Paced at lightning speed, the weird faux-porn about Spiderman (appropriately titled "Spiderman: The Porn Star") features a thoroughly-uninformed, supremely dirty take on the famed superhero saga.

These kids obviously don't understand the technical methodology of intercourse (nor should they!), instead just choosing to throw around weird stuff like pumpkins, dinosaurs, and amputees (and a cameo by "Stinky" Zombie Oprah, FTW!)...which, in the end, kind of makes it brilliant. It's adolescent fantasy applied to adolescent fantasy, always a recipe for digital madness.

With all that being said, we'd still watch any movie that opens with the credits which read, "SEX! FARTING! SEX! FARTING! LOVE! MONEY!"