Oh boy, they said it couldn't be done! They said there was no way to surpass the original. They said this project would destroy my career. Incorrect, amigos! I am pleased to introduce... the ultimate collection of unexpected animal friendships, part two.

The interspecies animal friends video collection blew your minds. You had to turn away at certain points because you just could not handle the cuteness. Somehow, you made it all the way through without exhausting your life supply of awwwwwws.

Well, I hope you've been saving them up, because this second collection of unexpected animal friendship pictures is staggeringly massive and unfathomably adorable. Check it out after the break.

Kitten + Rabbit

OMG, they look like fuzzy little brothers.

Kitten + Squirrel

Friend or foe?

(via DKimages)

Kitten + Dog

Interspecies Eskimo kiss!

Cat + Pelican

You think the pelican ever carries the cat around in its pouch?

Cat + Pig + Duckling + Chick + Bunny

This is... just too much.

Cat + Rat

Aww, what a tolerant kitty cat.

Cat + Bear

Wow, the bear seems more into it than the cat.

(via The Sun)

Cat + Iguana

What could they possibly have in common?

Cat + Snail

Do snails have the mental capacity for friendship?

Cat + Monkey

Awww, monkey, it is your baby.

Cat + Ducklings

I wonder what will happen once the ducklings start swimming.

Cat + Deer

More of an encounter than a friendship, but adorable none-the-less.

Cat + Dog

Kitty cat, you get an A++ in cuteness.

Dog + Fox

Didn't Disney make a movie about this?

(via On To Me)

Dog + Whale

What is going on here?!

Dog + Fish

Silly doggie, curiosity is for cats.

Dog + Kangaroo

I can't wait until the kangaroo grows up and lets the dog ride in its pouch.

Dog + Tiger Cubs

Oh my god...are you kidding me with this?

(via NPR)

Dog + Polar Bear

Awww, polar bear, you are so playful.

(via About.com)

Dog + Squirrel

This is too much...truly, too much.

Squirrel + Giraffe

I hope that this is friendship rather than hunger.

Giraffe + Goat

Awww, they are sharing a meal.

Giraffe + Ostrich

Seriously, what do they talk about?

Duck + Owl

Will they still be friends in a year? Only time will tell...

(via Arbroath)

Deer + Bunny

ZoMG, so much brown fuzzy cuteness.

Chimp + Puma

Click through to the other pictures...the chimp feeds its little puma friend.

Eagle + Rabbit

Come on, this is just getting silly.

Snake + Hamster

Wow...will the miracles never cease?

Tiger + Piglets

Okay, you can stop now.

Manta Ray + Iguana

I guess I understand this friendship...they do both like to swim.

Swan + Fish

Oh god, it is feeding the little goldfish!

Bird + Mouse

Just...there are no words...precious (fine, that is a word).

Pups + Pig

YES! This adorable picture submitted to us by Lisa, is what I dream about. Every night.

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