Wayne Coyne Google Street ViewOne of Urlesque's more popular features was the "Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Maps Street View," maybe because it combines several of the Web's greatest offerings: Google innovation, viral humor, and voyeurism.

Now we can add another item to that list of favorite Internet pastimes celebrated by Street View: Celeb watching. Spinner is reporting that roving Google Street View cams happened to catch Wayne Coyne -- the eccentric frontman of the band The Flaming Lips -- in a bathtub outside his Oklahoma home.

You might be asking, "How do we know that's really Wayne Coyne and not just some random wingnut?" We understand your skepticism, but there is proof. Since Coyne's oddball endeavors are invariably designed to entertain others, the relentlessly creative singer posted photos and a video of the "Blob in the Bath" on MySpace a couple of years ago. Apparently, the whole thing was designed as a charming Halloween stunt. Don't you wish you had neighbors like the Coynes at Halloween when you were a kid?

P.S. Now that you know Wayne Coyne's address, please use the information only for good, never evil.