interspecies animal friendships

You guys, what is better and more adorable than unexpected animal friendships? Hmm? I dare you to name one thing better and adorable-er.

You can't. Obviously. Interspecies friendships are the greatest ever. Period.

Luckily for you, you are about to see the most massive, ultimate, comprehensive list of interspecies animal friendship videos in the history of the internet. This is definitive stuff, ladies and gentlemen. When I put this together, editor Kelly Reeves mopped her brow and said "Mike, we're going to need a bigger list of synonyms for cute all up in this website." True, Kelly.

After the break, check out the ultimate collection of interspecies animal friendship videos.

Dog + Chick

Aww, it is very protective of its little friend.

Dog + Pig

"I took the pig and the dog to work." Not something you hear every day.

Dog + Duck

The duck seems more into it.

Puppies + Ducklings

Is it possible to die from a cuteness overdose? No? Thank god.

Dog + Kittens

This dog almost perished saving kittens. Did you hear me? Kittens!!

Monkey + Dog

I'm not sure that this is friendship, but the bond between rider and mount can run quite deep.

Dog + Raccoon

Oh god, the raccoon is already too-cute™ and then it starts playing with the dog and then... god, it's so cute.

Dog + Chicks

Awww, they love their mommy.

Dog + Horse

This dog is always willing to help out a friend.

Dog + Cat

What nice kitten kisses. Perfect soundtrack, btw.

Rat + Cat

I'm not precisely sure what this is, but it might be closer to harassment than friendship.

Crow + Cat

Huh, a black cat and a crow. You think they bonded over their mutual persecution?

Cat + Rabbit

This much cuteness is legal?

Cat + Red Panda

Kittens -- the ultimate medicine.

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Monkey + Cat

Wow, cool your jets monkey. This isn't that kind of site.

Monkey + Cat #2

Animal friendships have existed throughout the ages, of course.

Deer + Cat

Deer, you should really let cat reciprocate.

Badger + Otter

Did you hear it squeak? Are you kidding me? This is too much.

Hippo + Tortoise

Love truly knows no bounds.

Ultimate Video

I know, it's an awful lot of cuteness. Turn away if you must.

Lion + Human

This is a classic and also, rightly, the greatest interspecies friendship of all time.

Are you still with me? Did I forget your most favorite animal couple? Drop a link in the comments below!