With those of us not familiar with British politics, the poster on the left might not ring a bell. David Cameron is the Conservative Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition. Sounds totally interesting and something that the internet would get a kick out of, right? Not so much... until you add in our universal love for Photoshop, Nicolas Cage, and the Na'vi. Those elements all exist on MyDavidCameron.com, a website that's changing the face of British politics. Literally.

As our own presidential election in 2008 made crystal-clear, the web is the most influential tool a politician has in his campaign. Barack Obama's ability to mobilize young people and start grassroots movements on the web were pivotal to his win. But obviously this can cut both ways: this is the very same Internet that brought us websites devoted to things younger than John McCain and Palin as President. MyDavidCameron.com is the latter kind, and without trying to get too analytical about the meme (it ruins it!), suffice to say it's self-explanatory and user-submitted. Sort of a Nic Cage As Everyone, but for a political candidate. Oh look, and here's Nic Cage as David Cameron!

Of course, these Photoshops do what great political satire always does: makes you laugh while driving home its message, which in this case is Cameron's frothing stance on the Liberal Party's handling of the Britain's budget. And not only is it currently the most popular politics site in the UK, but it's currently surpassing our own nation's official Democrat and Republican sites in both page views and reach. Martin Bryant from TheNextWeb wrote about MyDavidCameron, "It just goes to show – internet memes beat politics every time. It's combining the two that's the tricky bit." We say: No brilliant lampoon ever came easy, but if you can get it to catch on, your Photoshop idea can be more powerful than a million dollar campaign.