Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! We swear we didn't make this one up -- it's a real life, actual holiday! To commemorate this special occasion, we're bringing you our Top Five Favorite Squirrels of all time. Gather some nuts (that would be walnuts or friends, haaaa!) and enjoy these furry rodents who really can do it all -- from water skiing to drinking PBR and, yes, even appearing on The Dating Game.

5. Mearl the Squirrel

Andy and Mearl drink PBRs, climb trees and do what best friends do.

4. Bad Manors Squirrel Diner

Bad Manors 'hostess' Betty Squirrely creates a new "set" everyday, complete with props, with which the squirrels playfully interact -- live on Ustream for your enjoyment.

3. Squirrel Helping Squirrel

Two squirrels attempt to scale a wall and the heartwarming ending will lead you straight to weepy eyes.

2. Water Skiing Squirrel

"The world's only the water skiing squirrel, Twiggy, performs at the Boat Show. The famous rodent is the sixth squirrel that handler Lou Ann Best has trained to take on the role since 1979."

1. Crasher Squirrel

If you're not familiar with the story of Canada's Crasher Squirrel, you must catch up immediately. Winner of the 2009 Urlies Editors' Choice Award for Best Photobomb/Photoshop Trend of the Year, Melissa & Jackson Brandts had their picture interrupted by this little guy, posted the photo on the web and started one of the biggest Internet phenomenons of the year.