pie tattooTake it from someone who has a 'Twin Peaks'-inspired coffee and cherry pie tattoo somewhere on their body: there are better ways to throw money down the drain than to permanently brand yourself as a lover of food. Look, everyone loves ice cream, you don't need a giant half-sleeve of two scoops to tell the world that you're exactly like everyone else. Same goes for chicken wings. Below, our list of the most overdone, silly and pointless food tattoos. That's not to say you can't execute some of these ideas well, just that you'd better have something really original in mind before you slap your money down on the table.

(Photo via JasonAckerman.net)
cupcake tattoo


If you are thinking about getting a cupcake tattoo, stop and consider that behind butterflies and roses, cupcakes are one of the single most overdone ink themes for chicks out there. I don't care if its a surly cupcake, a Hello Kitty cupcake, or a cupcake eating itself in some sort of weird, cannibalistic fashion. Actually, I haven't seen the last one on the Internet yet, so go get 'em, tiger!

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beer brand tattoos


Nothing says "I'm an alcoholic!" like becoming a walking billboard for Coors or Guinness. It will look even less cool once you get your ten year chip in AA.

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hot dog tat, 'guilty of being delicious'

Hot Dogs

What is it with hot dog tattoos? Is it some sort of phallic thing? Because I swear I see at least one of these in hipster tattoo blogs a month, and usually some variation of this. Once again, I really don't see the point is spending all this month to give human qualities to encased pig anuses on your body, forevs. Props to the guy who got the picture on your left done though...that's actually pretty funny. I'm sure his grandkids will appreciate their elderly relative's sense of irony.

On second thought, a good rule of thumb is to stay away from all barbecued food in general when considering a lifetime commitment.

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Kool-Aid Man tat below Britney tat

Food Brands

Do not get a Hostess Twinkie. Do not get the Kool-Aid Man. Do not get Toucan Sam or a can of Campbell Soup (unless you really love Andy Warhol, and even then, don't). Kraft Foods, Pepsi, and Nabisco aren't breaking their piggy banks open to pay you to be a giant billboard for their products for the rest of time or until you get it laser-removed, so take a big breath there champ and really think about your decision to be a poster-boy for first-world consumerism.

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cartoon bacon tattoo

Bacon Tattoos

Or any tattoo that shows you what part of the pig your meat comes from. Do you really want that daily reminder? Why aren't you just vegetarian then? Is it because you'd have to get a giant floating piece of tofu on your shoulder?

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If this is an uncanny tattoo, I'm scared to see what the child actually looks like.
A tattoo you might have to dab the grease off of first. BACON!

You'll be shocked to see where this shark tattoo is placed.

...So you'll never forget. And you'll never stop bowling, will you?