Remember when Bill & Ted are standing in front of the Future Council, and all of the citizens of the future come out and start making slow, rhythmic air guitar motions, and everyone is drenched in excellence? Now imagine for a moment that a human being who lives in our time is capable of creating music like that. (If you've seen this man before, skip down to see his new Second Coming!)

Ye shall know Him (intentionally capitalized) as Mark Gormley of Pensacola, FL. Videogum dubbed His 2008 hit single "Without You" a soft metal masterpiece that features "some sort of local model who probably doesn't know this is on the internet."

Warning - you may literally have been blinded just now by His epic power stance (probably should have said that earlier). If you're still with us, lay your head softly next to the computer speakers and look up into the warm, glowing screen; for He has a new video (easily the most highly anticipated music video in history). "Sing Me Your Song" was filmed on the moon and provides cryptic instructions for Earth people to achieve excellence using only a guitar and Cheeto dust. Bless you, Sir.

"Never doubt that Mark Gormley can change the world. Indeed, He is the only thing that ever has." - M. Mead