Apologies to Urlbots based in China and Japan, but...y'all have some pretty crazy pizza, no?

Don't misunderstand me, I'm a "to each their own" kind of guy. I recognize that all taste is relative, that Americans have some of the worst dietary habits of any people in the world, and that the US culinary culture isn't exactly world class...I mean, I have relatives who subsist on a diet of chicken nuggets and Mr. Pibb...but at least our pizza isn't alive!

After the break, check out one mighty wacky pizza ad and some of the wackiest pizza on earth.

Crazy Pizza Ad

Why is the pizza crying?

Japanese Pizza

Maple syrup plus...are those hamburgers?

Chinese Pizza

It won't stop waving those...things!

BONUS: Korean Pizza

In a striking contrast to Japan and China, Korea clearly has the best pizza in the world: they have baked entire hot dogs into their crust. Swoon.