Caped man with SarcMark on his chestWell this is usefulsarcmark The SarcMark is a punctuation mark to show sarcasm. Exclamations have !s, questions have ?s, and sarcastic remarks have a period with a spiral around it.

The makers are serious about the mark – the Telegraph says they're applying for a patent – but jokey about its uses. Thank god, because you can't be humorless if you'd like to teach the world to smirk.

While the $1.99 price tag deserves some derision, the SarcMark is marketed by this cute video of a sarcastic super...villain? hero? Caped lunatic who stamps a rune on a jogger lady's butt? I can't tell what's ironic any more!

Cute. But there are, of course, five perfectly good free ways to show someone you're being sarcastic:

  • j/k
  • ;)
  • heh / LOL / ha / haha
  • Dear sir, I am making a jest, or an ironic statement for humorous effect
  • Be on 4chan
Bonus method: Drag the SarcMark image onto your desktop and copy it into images. Whew, that work is sure worth it to save two bucks!SarcMark

via:// Telegraph: Sarcasm punctuation mark aims to put an end to email confusion
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