In the late 90's, Britney Spears helped usher in a new age for sexy pop tartlets, one that retained the belly-button-baring, pretty-in-pink style of the Spice Girls, but teetered ever so awkwardly on the fence between wide-eyed innocence of super-skankdom.

Whichever type of pop star girly girl you identified best with (we were always on the Dream team, and not just because they were the children of Diddy), you knew that nothing would ever really trump the walking virgin/whore complex that was Brit-Brit. But if anyone was going to try and keep things clean -- while teaching you just how to achieve the aura of the prodigal pop princess -- it was Bella Dancerella.

And, no, a speech impediment isn't really a speech impediment when you have braces. Honest!