What did people do before YouTube? Just sit around, watching their pets watch television, and not sharing these delightful little bon-mots with the rest of the world? Did you just...I don't know...take pictures of your cat watching your favorite prime-time melodrama while seemingly understanding the plot? Did you call up all your friends and tell them that your dog started barking at a cat on TV because he thought it was real? So cute! Yet something gets lost in the translation.

That's why YouTube and other video players were invented folks: so we could properly chronicle our dogs and cats engaging in human-like activity like zoning out in front of the television. And here are our favorite video of pets doing exactly that!

Dog Watching Cat-Buddy On YouTube

Seriously, priceless. The doggie keeps checking back to make sure the cat is still on the couch in the same room, then returning to the video, then returning to the cat. Good boy!

Video Catnip

An entire YouTube channels devoted to cats watching "video catnip," which is a stream of birds and other small animals. This is basically our march towards the technological singularity, in fuzzy form. If you want to buy Video Catnip for your little feline friend, you can order it here. It's only $17.95 and the DVD offers "the original 25 minute program, with an additional 90 minutes of footage added, for an approximate 2 hour running time." Or you could just loop a bird video on your computer for a couple hours and save yourself twenty bucks. Whichever. It's also hard to tell if cats are actually entertained by the video or just...being cats.

Dogs Love Animal Planet

Wait for it...wait for it...and at the thirty second mark....go!

Cat Al Bundy

This video is tagged as "real life Garfield" but that slouched posture + hand on crotch is totally trademarked by Ed O'Neil's character in 'Married With Children'.

Dog Learns From TV Wolves

Although after listening to this big guy, I'm pretty sure he actually learned how to make noises from Chewbacca. Maybe there is such a thing as too much TV.