fake giant puppyYour mind is about to be blown by this massive collection of giant animals.

Look, I know that you're jaded. You've seen countless pictures of giant animals that you later realized were Photoshopped. After the excitement of showing your friends the six armed fire-breathing giant chicken-bat turned into shame, you swore you'd never believe in a giant animal again.

Well, Urlesque is here to rehabilitate you. I have scrupulously fact-checked the actuality of the following images and I can guarantee that these depictions of giant animals are at least 99% real!

Giant Rabbit

Silly rabbit...being the size of a kid is for kids.

giant rabbit
(via Snopes)

Giant Starfish

These suckers measured two feet across. Is it wrong to kind of wonder how they taste?

Giant Hog

Bacon. Bacon. Bacon.

giant hog

Giant Catfish

Mmmm, fish fry.

giant catfish

Giant Moose

Hehe, it kind of looks like...oh, someone's already done that gag. Stay classy EBaum's.

giant moose

Giant Dog

His name is Samson. He wears a raincoat made for ponies. Rule.
giant dog

Giant Spider

The really disturbing fact is that this isn't even the largest spider on this list.

giant spider trapping bird

Giant Salamander

Quick, come up with a non-sophomoric joke for this animal.

Giant Moth

Nope, it's real. It's called an Atlas Moth because, well, yeah...you get it.

(via Pixdaus)

Giant Goldfish

I wonder if it eats goldfish.

Giant Crab

You know how there's a special way of grabbing a lobster so that it won't pinch you? I'm betting that won't work with this thing.

(via Flickr)

Giant Crocodile

A little advice for you, pal. Ditch the short shorts and invest in a suit of chainmail.

Giant Spider #2

Now this is the largest spider on the list (and on the world). It also eats birds.

giant spider
(via Flickr)

Giant Rabbit #2

Yup, it's real. It's called an Angora rabbit. At least finish reading the list until you head to the pet store.

big fluffy rabbit

Giant Crab #2

This is technically a smaller species than the crab you saw earlier. Unfortunately, it is more likely to induce nightmares.

giant crab on garbage can
(via Kottke)

Giant Seal

David Attenborough, you are 83 years old! Get away from the Elephant seal (which weighs about 6,000 lbs.)!

Giant Octopus

I'm adding "150 lb. octopus with razor sharp beak" to my list of things to keep away from my face.

Giant Cuttlefish

These can weigh up to 23 lbs. Come on, that's pretty good for a cuttlefish.

Giant Penguin

The relative distances here gives the illusion of size...but it's still a four foot tall penguin.

giant penguin

Giant Ladybug

God save us all.

fake giant ladybugs mating