Jonah Hill frowningThough Christian Bale's 'Terminator Salvation' outburst ranks in as our 40th most iconic internet video, you shouldn't overlook the innumerous other celebrities who have flared up like so many TGI Friday vests.

When you watch these videos, keep in mind that being a celebrity is so very stressful. Imagine how hard it must be to practice your craft after some dumbass production assistant stocks your mini fridge with Volvic water instead of FIJI, or you have to walk around in some ridiculous Yves Saint Laurent tie because your selfish personal stylist has to take care of her sick child instead of stopping by to dress you, or it freaking rains on your freshly detailed Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster, or some jerk jackass grip walks from one side of the set to the other when you are performing as John Connor. No paycheck is worth that, so it makes sense that they would boil over every now and then and then and then.

Here are just some of the countless celebrity conniptions caught on tape (mostly [and justly!] NSFW):

Note: Some of these are surely staged, but those are just practice for future real fume fests.

Seth Green tweaks:

Bill O'Reilly erupts:

Alec Baldwin blows up:

Bob Saget tantrums:

Michael Cera bursts:

Michael Cera bursts some more:

Lily Tomlin and David O. Russell crack:

Orson Welles clashes:

Jonah Hill detonates:

William Shatner beefs: