best facebook games If you've logged onto Facebook recently, you've probably noticed that your friends are running a short order kitchen, joining organized crime rings, and becoming imaginary farmers. Facebook is no longer only a communication tool to keep in touch with old friends and show off last night's binge drinking pictures. Gaming has become an important feature of Facebook, allowing you to play addicting games with your friends while logged into the social networking site. Hundreds of games exist on the Facebook platform, but which ones are worth playing? Here are 20 of the best games available on Facebook, in no particular order.

1. Farmville
Millions of users can't be wrong! According to, Farmville is the most popular Facebook game around. Plant crops, make a garden, decorate your farm, earn coins, and raise animals all from the comfort of your computer. Compete with your friends to see who has the coolest farm.

2. Mafia Wars
Money laundering, running illegal poker games, whacking rival mobsters – all without worry of getting caught by the police. Sounds like fun, right? Mafia Wars is a game where you run an organized crime ring with your friends, outfit your crew with high-powered weaponry, and whack other mafia bosses.

3. Fishville
Fishville is another Facebook game from Zynga, prominent social networking game developer. In Fishville, gamers buy, grow, and sell exotic fish and decorate aquariums.

4. Happy Aquarium
Happy Aquarium is another fish aquarium business game much like FishVille. Happy Aquarium allows you to decorate your tanks, grow and breed tropical fish, and help out your friends.

5. Bejeweled Blitz
Bejeweled Blitz is Facebook's version of the time-wasting, incredibly addicting jewel-matching game.

6. Street Racing
If you enjoy fast cars and the thrill of illegal drag racing, but you're too chicken to actually drive your ride in an unlawful race, try playing Street Racing. In this game, you'll participate in one-on-one challenges, buy properties to earn money, purchase more cars, and recruit friends to become the best street racing team on Facebook.

7. Country Life
Country Life is another farming-type game, where you can plant and harvest crops, make food, and care for animals.

8. YoVille
If you like The Sims, you'll love YoVille. Create your character and run his life by getting a job, furnishing a home, visiting friends, and making money.

9. Vampire Wars
Vampires are red hot these days, so it's no surprise that there's a game on Facebook where you can pretend to be a vampire. Build a large clan with your friends, defeat rival teams, and complete missions to earn more blood.

10. Farkle
This addicting, easy to play dice game involves both skill and luck. Roll 6 dice, select the dice you wish to keep, and roll the remaining dice to try for a high score.

11. Petville
In Petville, you care for virtual animal by feeding, cleaning, playing, and building it a home. Move through the levels by earning points to unlock special pet food, gifts, and treats.

12. Rollercoaster Kingdom
Operate your own amusement park in Rollercoaster Kingdom. In this game, you'll build rides, set ticket prices, sell refreshments, and most of all-try to keep your park guests happy!

13. Restaurant City
In this business simulation game, you'll operate your own restaurant. You'll have to hunt down ingredients to make dishes, trade ingredients with friends, and manage your employees. If you find Café World too simple, you might want to try Restaurant City, as it is a more complicated and challenging game.

14. Fashion Wars
Unlock the inner diva in you by playing Fashion Wars. This Facebook game by Zynga is similar to Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars-enlist your friends in your posse, complete events, and fight other posses.

15. Cafe World
Run your own restaurant by serving up a variety of dishes. Unlock dishes as you go through the levels, earn money, and decorate your restaurant. Eat at your friends' restaurants to sample their dishes and leave tips.

16. Texas Hold 'Em Poker
Play poker with your friends without sitting in a smoky casino filled with elderly low-rollers.

17. Farm Town
Farm Town is another popular Facebook farming game where you plant crops, earn money, and raise animals. Earn trophies by completing special tasks and compete with your friends.

18. Zoo World
Zoo World is another animal care game. If you enjoy managing assets while trying to earn a profit, check out Zoo World. You'll breed animals, unlock rare species, and keep your Zoo guests happy, all while competing with your friends.

19. Pet Society
Grow a virtual pet in Facebook's Pet Society. In this Facebook game, you'll care for your animal by feeding, grooming, and bathing your pet. You can earn virtual money by competing in stadium races, visiting friends, gardening, and gambling at the race track.

Island Paradise
If you've ever wanted to become a beach bum and live on an island, Island Paradise is great way to virtually experience island life without the risk. In this game, you grow crops, raise animals, decorate your home, and steal from your neighbors.

Facebook is no longer just status updates and random photos. Chances are, you've probably been invited to play one of these games by your friends. If you've ever wanted to be a farmer, an exotic pet owner, an outlaw street racer, or a mafia boss, why not join in on the fun and try a few of these games.