Monday evening, undefeated college football teams Boise State and TCU went head-to-head in the Fiesta Bowl. Why is this relevant to your interests? Not because of the outcome of the game (SPOILER!), but because the true star of the match up came from the Boise State's halftime show that featured their Blue Thunder Marching Band. As quickly as it came and went, a meme was born -- the very first of 2010!

May I introduce you to Cowbell Girl. Also known so far on the interwebs as Sad Cowbell Girl.

Of course, the internet just couldn't help themselves, and soon, the remixes and gags came pouring in.

First up, a wonderful mashup of the footage with SNL's famed 'More Cowbell' skit:

(via EDSBS)

Or perhaps you'd like to join the Fans of Bored Boise State Blue Thunder Marching Band Cowbell Girl Facebook group? Seen any more goodies floating on the webs? Drop a link in the comments or e-mail us, and we'll add it to the post.

Update: It's come to our attention that the Cowbell Girl may be blind, so keep it classy -- we may not post all the tips that come through.