TMNTGirls and guys, how good are movie trailer mash-ups?! Seriously, so awesome. They bring the LOLs and the satire! Nothing's better than ironically derived LOLs.

Like, have you seen that 'Avatar' movie?! ZoMG, it was pretty! So much shiny flashy swoopy 3D alien cat people! If there is an Oscar for best alien cat people, then give all best alien cat people Oscars to 'Avatar'. But I'm thinking that maybe it would have been good to invest .1% of the movie's budget in not ripping off 'FernGully'? Maybe? IDK, I am not captain filmmaker over here.

But if the 'FernGully'/'Avatar' trailer mash-up is any indication, someone agrees with me. After the jump, check out that mash-up plus seven more of the best mash-ups of all time.

'Avatar' + 'FernGully'

This one brings major major LOLs. The big tree in 'FernGully' looks just like the big tree in 'Avatar.'

'Watchmen' + 'WALL-E'

You've got to hand it to 'WALL-E'...for a kid's flick, it sure depicts a pretty disturbing dystopian future.

'The Matrix' + 'Fight Club'

Wow, 1999 really was the year of paranoid macho beat-em-ups that toyed with the nature of reality.

'A Hard Day's Night' + Zombies

As a Rolling Stones' fan, I derive a lot of pleasure from this.

'Finding Nemo' + 'Crash'

That starfish has seen some things.

'Brokeback Mountain' + 'Back To The Future'

Finally, someone points out the sizzling sexual tension between Marty and the Doc.

'Reservoir Dogs' + 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

If you were a mutant who lived in a sewer then you'd be pretty disgruntled too.

'Star Wars' + 'Garden State'

Finally, Hayden Christensen's smoldering emo eyes get put into a more appropriate film.

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