Urlbots, the pope has been attacked!

Guys, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Look, I like to enjoy a goofy internet meme or a ludicrous YouTube video after a long day of work. We all do! But we must be ever vigilant that our habit does not turn into a full blown addiction. This is serious business.

You guys cannot attack the pope just because you want a new internet meme!!! I am ultra totally not kidding around here. For serious. No more pope attacks!

Look, I know how it starts. You're hanging around with your buddies on a lazy Sunday afternoon and someone jokes "bro'sefs, let's fly to Italy and attack the pope. Everyone will film it and it'll be bigger than Keyboard Cat!" Before you know it, you're on Air Italia psyching yourself up to hijack the pope mobile:

Of course, it doesn't work out. Your heart isn't really in it. It was for the best. It was just a gag, anyway. Stupid. But the seed has been planted. The next year you're dressing up like a bullfighter and trying to dropkick his holy majesty:

It doesn't work again, thank god. But now you're determined. You want that meme. So you just have to try again, you big fat idiot, and this time it works:

Bam! The pope is down for the count. Are you happy with yourself? Was it worth it? Sure, you've given us hilarious new YouTube videos, like this enhanced version of the pope attack:

Or this remix of the pope attack (featuring Keyboard Cat!):

But was it worth it? No. For shame...for shame.