Where were you when the world exploded?

You were probably at a party. Or maybe you were laying low, watching Dick Clark ring in the New Year. Or maybe, on December 31, 1999, the evening when it was decided by zealots and crazies that the world was, come the stroke of midnight, essentially going to self-combust, you were hoarding away water, canned food, and space tampons sanitary napkins.

Hey, time zones and leap years aside, we were told Y2K was set to single-handedly decimate our society, frying computers, ruining traffic lights, and somehow depleting our water supply. What else were you supposed to do, HAVE FUN???

The good news, of course, is that we survived (of course, 2012 – or "The End of Times" – continues to stir on the horizon, but whatevs). The even better news, however, is that remnants of the threat remain on our blessed YouTubes. And as the tenth anniversary of Y2K paranoia approaches, let's take a look back at videos illustrating just how cuckoo we were a mere decade ago, shall we?

Come 12/31/99, you couldn't have enough toilet paper.

Jesus knew what was up, and He wanted you to buy a helpful videocassette.

Moms were not pleased when their a-hole sons drank the garbage can full of "clean" water set aside for the technological apocalypse.

Moms were also not willing to take any BS from their smart-mouthed, cynical, devil-worshiping teenagers, either.

Even Captain Spock drank the Y2Kool Aid.

And yet, people still partied hard and even "saw the Y2K bug outside the window."

The freaks still came out at night in Hollywood (if only to interviewed on film for a shoddy "documentary").

If the world was going to end, Billy Joel was going to be right there, ushering in the face of destruction with a bottle of red, bottle of white, and a splash of technological meltdown (which, incidentally, goes great with fish).

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