You guys, whose fault is this? Seriously, who built these 19 hideous nativity scenes? Hmmm? No one is going to step forward?

Babes and dude-babes, this is soooo not cool. We here at Urlesque have been bringing you nothing but nonstop kick-ass ultra good holiday coverage and now you go and do this. Did we do something to hurt your feelings? Talk to us!

Someone please explain the 19 depressing, crazy and downright awful nativity scenes below!

1. Lego Nativity

The designers forgot that baby Jesus had arms.

2. Chicken Nativity

Lil' baby Jesus should not be edible.

3. Squid Nativity

Squids living in a castle, birthing our lord and savior? Sure, why not.


4. Charlie Brown Nativity

Charles Schultz, noted secular humanist, would love this (:beep: :beep: that is your sarcasm detector going off).

5. ACLU Nativity

I love the insightful political commentary of thi--wait a second, is that Stalin?

6. Celebrity Nativity

Manager of Madame Tussauds: "Guys, remember when Hugh Grant got caught cheating on his wife with a prostitute in a parking lot? Me too. Let's put him in a nativity scene."

7. Duck Nativity

There's a horribly offensive joke in here about eating a Christmas goose... luckily, I refuse to make it.

8. Sexy Nativity

P-cht, I've seen more erotic nativity scenes.

9. Crocheted Nativity

Are these meerkats or rats?

10. Dog Nativity

Notice how the pup standing in for baby Jesus is a different breed from the dad...good work, that.

11. Marshmallow Nativity

Again, lil' baby Jesus should not be edible.

12. Inflatable Nativity

Nothing says commitment to your lord and savior like a blow up nativity scene.

(via Walmart)

13. Island of Dr. Moreau Nativity

Figure from this nativity scene: "heeccchhhhaaargghhh, please kiiiiiiiilllll me."

14. Fiber Optic Nativity

Psychedelic...perfect for people who like to drop acid when they worship.

15. Belt Buckle Nativity

Portability and proximity to my crotch are not qualities that I would value in a nativity scene, but to each their own.

16. Bake Set Nativity

Damn it, lil' baby Jesus should not be edible!

(via DVO)

17. Cat Nativity

Is nothing sacred? Must cats be everywhere?! You guys are killing me, here.

18. Egg Timer Nativity

You guys are failing to grasp this... nativity scenes should have nothing to do with food.

19. Human Hair Nativity

That's it guys, this is the last straw: I am canceling Christmas.