That Looks Like... is a YouTube channel that features clips of famous actors at the beginning of their careers. With more than 200 clips (organized by decade if you check out the playlists), there are literally tens of hours of before-they-were-stars entertainment. Trust us when we say that you haven't seen Jason Alexander act until you've seen him in short shorts and a wet t-shirt.

  • That looks like Jack Black swaying nervously in 1992.

  • That looks like Jodie Foster as a redhead on 'Gunsmoke.'

  • That looks like Harrison Ford playing one of those hippies

  • That doesn't really look like Kevin Spacey, but it sure sounds like him.

  • That looks like Robert DeNiro high as a kite.

  • That looks like Uma Thurman with really long hair.

  • And that looks like Giovanni Ribisi with none.

  • That looks like Don Draper. Or Jon Hamm playing Don Draper on 'Gilmore Girls.'