christmas tree costumeWho says all Christmas trees (and Hanukkah bushes -- if that's your thing) have to be evergreen?

Step one: Put anything you can find together in a pyramid shape.
Step two: Wrap chosen items with lights.
Step three: Illuminate and voila!

Check out some of the best and weirdest Christmas trees the web has to offer below!

  • The Mountain Dew Tree could just be purest form of recycling. And what an awfully fantastic excuse to drink yourself into impotence! (via -- oh, and there are directions.)
Mountain Dew Tree

  • Beer Bottle and Can Trees -- Because you're gonna have to find something to do with all of those empties, and honestly, who wants to clean up all those pine needles?
beer bottle christmas tree

  • Don't forget the lil' Busch Light angel on top! Just heavenly!
busch tree topper

  • Yo dawg, I heard you liked Pac Man we put Pac Man in yo Christmas Tree so you can play Pac Man while you celebrate Christmas.

  • If you decide to make yourself the Christmas tree, you can either go for the sexy look or the conservative look. I'd go with conservative, because while it's not the most portable design, drunk dudes won't jokingly ask what you're dressed up as -- or about anything else for that matter. (via WELCOME TO THE INTERNETS &

christmas tree costumes

  • Hint: the conservative look is also probably better if you're a baby.
baby christmas tree costume

  • The geekiest tree of all time? Perhaps this Dalek-inspired tree created by Minnesota animator Lindsey Testolin, will take the cake. (via io9)
Dalek Christmas tree

  • The best or worst Christmas tree -- you decide! (This holiday Zefron was created by Delbert Shoopman.)

  • And there's no time like Christmas to attempt to finally get around to disguising your marijuana plant. Put some presents under that baby (a new bong, perhaps?) and you should be all set.
marijuana christmas tree