OMG! OMG! OMG! Kittens are the cutest, am I right? Seriously, so cute. You could look at pictures of kitty cats for hours and hours (SPOILER: you do look at pictures of kitty cats for hours and hours). But are you ever worried that your taste in cute animal pics/videos is a little...bourgeois?

No worries. Urlesque, as always, is here to educate you. Hence, the top five cutest non-traditional baby animals of all time! You can consider them "alternative," "indie," "underground," or "avant garde," but you can't consider them anything but ultra adorable.

5. Bears

I know that it will eventually grow into a ferocious killing machine, but look at its furry little head! It can't even hold it up. Who is a sleepy baby killing machine? You are, bear!!!

4. Seals

Hi cute seal! You are my best friend. Why do you live in the arctic? I wish that you would live in my bathtub!

3. Hippos

Oh my. Hippo, you are my other best friend. Your little head is so silly. You can live in my bathtub with seal.

2. Sloths

Helloooooo sloth. You are very good at scratching and climbing. Look at you!! Awwww. You are the best friend of all.

1. Capybaras

Oh capybara, oh. You love to give kisses. You win! I have found the best animal!!