Flowcharts are amazing, and they can be used to illustrate many useful decision-making processes. Fortunately, they can also be used to illustrate interesting things as well. Here are some of the funniest and most surprisingly useful flowcharts on the internet. (Click the images to see the charts in all their glory!)

Are You Happy?

Typcut keeps it simple, but accurate in this flowchart on how to be happy (or not).

Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Webcomic xkcd gives us this amazingly accurate flowchart on how to fix any computer problem. My only criticism is that it's missing the crucial "restart computer," "turn computer off for 5 minutes" and "unplug computer for 5 minutes" steps, which is my preferred method.

What Religion Should You Follow?

HolyTaco.com gives us this handy guide to the afterlife. Featuring bacon.

Meme Flowchart

Ever wanted to make your own meme? Now with the help of this flowchart from Cracked.com, you can!

When is it Inappropriate to Use Your iPhone?

Nowadays, everybody has an iPhone. Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to use them. Gizmodo helps you decide whether or not you should whip that sucker out. (For extra irony, view this on your iPhone)

Total Eclipse of The Heart

Tumblr user jeannr helps us better understand this Bonnie Tyler classic which subsequently inspired more song lyric flowcharts, including my personal favorite, "Hey Jude."


This flowchart from Cracked.com helps us get some shoes.

What Should I Eat? Freezer Aisle Edition

The latest from the flowchart wizards at Eating The Road who have also given us invaluable guides to Fast Food, Chain Restaurants, and Cereal.