According to Internet lore, "Gellieman" was just a Belgian kid with a webcam and a love for 'Aicha,' a ballad translated from French by pop group Outlandish. But when Gellieman -- one Jelle Buelens -- decided to shoot his own low-budg, karaoke version of the song, replete with terrible graphics and stilted "choreography," a viral video was born. The poor kid surely didn't get it easy once his alter ego of Gellieman spiraled into the webosphere, but considering that the video surfaced in the era before YouTube, it would take years for it to really gain traction and surface a plethora of awesome tribute videos.

Urlesque unveiled the 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos -- the most popular and memorable viral videos in the history of the web. Since there's a lot to sift through, we'll occasionally feature an individual video from the countdown.