Think back to a time when The Simpsons was considered super controversial, incredibly offensive, and too hot for TV. That was the 80's. Sheesh, 80's, are you for real? Remember how Bart Simpson was deemed America's 2-D Hitler, when those tee shirts of him saying Aye Carumba! and Don't have a cow, man! were the tawdriest pieces of apparel you could find at Marshall's (before diamond-encrusted Ed Hardy slippers or whatever)?

In an era where talentless sexpots lead the reality show brigade and Family Guy churns out rape jokes like butter in a colonial amusement park, Bart Simpson's weekly chalkboard scrawlings seem like nursery school-level jabs. But they've run the gamut (we'll say!), and after nearly 450 episodes, Bart's Blackboard is the site where you can find them all archived.