awesomeI like the word "awesome" because it means something is totally worth clicking through. It's my third-favorite word after NSFW and [PICS]. So I searched Google for "awesome" and various other expressions of awe, and it told me that these are the 11 awesomest pictures on the internet (except for the porn one that I can't show you here). NSFW for people who don't like the s-word. Also, [PICS].

1. Star Wars Rock Band

The most frequent image result in a search for "awesome." While the eyes are immediately drawn to devil-horns Vader, C-3PO and R2-D2 are obscured. Check out the original painting by Star Wars illustrator Hugh Fleming.

2. Dinosaurs with Lasers

The second most popular epitome of awesome is this art from Dino-Riders, a toy line and TV show from the 80s, about which Wikipedia knows way too much. They have a web site. It has aliens.

3. Space Marines

These are Space Marines. They're elite superwarriors from the game Warhammer 40,000. They're awesome.

4. This Kid Is Awesome

Awesome Kid is from an ad for Nintendo, but Capcom is particularly proud that he's playing their Duck Tales game. The only gross inaccuracy in this picture is the baseball trophy. Kids who like sports don't play cool weird video games. They play Madden Football and sometimes Halo.

5. Triumvirate of Awesome

Top left is, of course, from a Calvin and Hobbes strip. Bottom left is one of Brandon Bird's crazy pop culture paintings. The guy pwning a shark is from another Capcom game. This may make Capcom the awesomest company in existence, objectively.

6. Jesus Riding a Dinosaur

The original coloring book page says, "Even though we know dinosaurs survived the flood (on Noah's ark) we don't know if Jesus ever rode them. But he probably did!" Why didn't I learn this in school? TEACH THE CONTROVERSY.

7. Captain Kirk

Do a good deed. Say this quote to someone today.

8. Fighter Plane Jet Ski

I can't figure out who made this, but I did find this, which is also awesome.

9. Lady Throwing Sharks at Gorillas and Dinosaurs

Or maybe the dinosaur is on her side? What's the balance of power here?

10. Obama: President of Awesome

It's less awesome when you know the helicopter represents the public option.

11. Who's Awesome? You're Awesome!

Aw, this little dog convinced me that despite all the awesomeness above, I need not feel inadequate! (For the hardcore porn version of this, please do an image search for "who's awesome" with Safe Search turned off. That is all.)