Letters To Twilight, and sister blog Letters To Rob, are top destinations for all things related to 'Twilight' humor. Because the site's love (and hilariousness) for the series cannot be contained within the confines of their blog, we asked one of the ladies behind LTT, UnintendedChoice, to share a few of her favorite moments from 'Twilight' fan culture this year.

I was under the impression that everyone knew everything about the Twilight saga like me and my co-blogger do. I mean, it's the hottest thing right now and stars Rob Pattinson... helllo he's People's Sexiest Man Alive -- or he is according to the Twihard who photoshopped him as such! But Monday night, as I stood amidst screaming Twihards at the New Moon premiere (security guards were handing out New Moon snap bracelets) and Twimoms with their toddlers on their shoulders (falling asleep because they had camped out for 3 days. Yes, with the toddlers), I heard someone say, "Is that the guy who turns into a fox in the movie?" [No. Taylor Lautner, aka too young to be that hot, so thank God he's "Legal in Georgia," turns into a werewolf] It was then that I realized I may just live in a Twilight bubble. And not everyone knows the drama that goes down between fan sites like arguing over who has the rights to watermark an image of Robert Pattinson that was stolen from a photo agency's website.

So to express our excitement of New Moon's release today (Oh wait, let me explain -- that's the follow-up movie to the uber successful, but artistically questionable, Twilight movie that came out a year ago), we present: The top 8 Twilight fan moments and fan creations of the past year.

Full Length Twilight Trailer Reaction

After the first Twilight trailer was released, the vlogger known as "Nutty Madam" took to the interwebs to share her reaction with her fans. And you thought fanboys freaking out over Star Wars was intense.... The insanity starts around minute 1.

New Moon Trailer Reaction

The teaser trailer for New Moon came out during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and these girls were ready with a webcam on hand and a removable screen window.

(BD) Jake & Nessie - Your Guardian Angel

This may seem like a sweet video about a little girl and her older brother, but let me explain what is really going on. *Spoiler Alert* In the last Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, a wolf imprints on a half human/half vampire child and becomes her protector and future lover. Omg... is this really my life? It didn't seem so odd (surprisingly) in the book, but it really puts it in perspective when a fan mashes movie clips together to bring the toddler/grown-man romance to the big screen.

Jacob Black "I Kissed Your Mom and I Liked It"

Trust me. After the last video's explanation I'm not sure you need me to explain this video. Just enjoy it...

Leave Robert Alone

This woman is passionate about her cause, which is incredibly ironic as she's probably the one who wears the Pattinson Pants while following him from movie set to movie set stalking his hotel room.

Edward Is a Virgin - Avril Style

All you need to know is that Edward Cullen, the story's man vampire, is a 107 year old virgin. And this girl penned the brilliant line "Hey you, Edward Cullen get your pants off." Brilliant.

I Will Be Nude: Confessions of Jacob Black

I think this girl makes some inappropriate jokes about an underage werewolf.

The Robert Pattinson Fan Song

This woman wants her daughter to be Mrs. Robert Pattinson, but we're pretty sure she just wants to one day sneak into the guest room where her son-in-law is staying and take a peek under the covers ifyouknowhwhati'msaying

Out with the old, in with the new. May New Moon bring us plenty of 2nd-hand embarrassing fan moments with young girls acting out love scenes with cute, furry "foxes."

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