A wolf spider may only grow to be an inch, but it has a unique way of being horrifying. Unlike humans whose babies can't even walk when they're born, baby spiders can crawl from day one. When wolf spiders hatch they climb up to the backside of their mother's abdomen where they hang out for a few weeks throwing raucous parties and generally acting belligerent. Freaky pictures and videos below.

wolf spider babies closeup

Pictures of the spiderlings are mildly terrifying, but seeing them in motion can trigger bowel loosening. All those creepy crawly creatures sliding all over each other, hatching a plan to bite you as you sleep alone in your bed. Don't worry though, they're not poisonous and you're not sleeping alone, the spiders are there too. Crawling up your thigh. You're welcome!


The mother-to-be carries the egg around on its back like it is important or something.


The cute little spiders hatch and introduce themselves to one another. Sometimes shaking hands.
wolf spider babies hatching

And Finally...