We've rounded up the best Three Wolf Moon spoofs! Here's a roster of the one-offs, knock-offs, and rip-offs (Three-Off Moon?!) of the shirt that "has wolves on it, attracts women." Beware: some intense awesomeness (and one NSFW-ish one) lies ahead...

Three Wolf Moon

The original, as in not a parody. For context. Notice the aurora. (via Amazon)

Three wolves howling at the moon

Kind of lazy. I mean who doesn't have image support nowadays? This is the ALT version. (via Zazzle)

Three Moon Wolf

If executed better, this could have been a contender. I also refuse to wear a shirt with butts on it. (via BuzzFeed)

Teen Wolf Moon

Well, Dad, it didn't pass me by. It landed on my face. (via 80stees.com)

Three Kate Moon

It's timely! But shouldn't there be eight? (via Dlisted comments)

Three Woolf Moon

Heady, intellectual. I'd wear this parody to the lighthouse. (Shakesville via Urlesque)

Three Rowlf Moon

Possibly the chillest Muppet. Certainly the one whose name sounds like 'wolf.' (via BuzzFeed)

Three Keyboard Cat Moon

Why wear one meme when you can wear two? One step closer to wearing the entire internet. (Threadless via Urlesque)

Three Dwight Moon

"Has Dwight Schrute on it, attracts women" (via Know Your Meme)

Hippopoticorn Moon

A test of your humanity: is this not the most amazing shirt ever created? The answer is yes, friends. The answer is yes. (via Clack Industries)

Can you best the Hippopoticorn Moon? Tell us about your favorite parody in the comments.