Everyone, I have stumbled upon something big: Gwen Stefani is a dog whisperer. Her 2007 single, 'The Sweet Escape' featuring Akon appears to be the favorite song of dogs across the world. From Huskies to Dachshunds, something about the "woooo wooooo"s in the tune cut to to the core of pooches, leading them to tilt their heads in wonder and sing along with Gwen and Akon. Don't believe me? The YouTube evidence, below, doesn't lie.

The following popular video of huskies Kody & Mya, was sent to me by a friend. I quickly became obsessed with it... and then I realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Saxon looks quite confused but then offers up a wonderful battle cry of sorts

Youtuber hannahtipple's rescue dog would like to chime in on bass

Chloe the Schnoodle prefers to wait until the first verse starts

Although the video is sideways, Odie would like to join in

Tola gives it a shot

Frankie mostly barks, but it's his "favorite song" and according to the video description, may only have three legs

These Dachshunds really go crazy for it

Proving my hypothesis that this is a worldwide phenomenon, Dutch dog, James gets in on the action

This poodle ain't too prissy to show off her pipes

In our final example (though believe me, there are more), it appears that Daytona may just not like Gwen at all.