modern warfare night vision gogglesYou guys, check it out! It's 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition'! Yikes, what ad-wizard came up with that one!? Am I right, or what? (go away). Gimme five, amigo! (ugh, do not).

Seriously, cool dudes and happening dudettes, that title can easily compete with the longest video game names of all time. But there is an even bosser (that's right, I'm down with the lingo) feature of CoDMW2PE: it comes with an incredibly kick ass set of night vision goggles. Now you can feel like a Special Ops soldier for real! More importantly, you can also make yourself look like a complete jackass on YouTube.

Look at captain "professor of night vision goggles" over there. He's all: "Hi class, this is a device that amplifies light. I am going to put it over my eyes and stare at the sun." Brilliant. A++! There are not enough pluses for me to give you! At least he seems polite and well adjusted, unlike some (I know that this is shocking) people who post on YouTube (with NSFW language, warning):

"It's such an odd number, man, you know?" Captain math over here! Also, captain wit. Also, captain potty mouth. We will have to build a bigger ship, I don't think this one needs any more captains! (nautical humor is the best). Anyway, at least that guy wasn't insanely racist:

Hahaha. "Look, these super cool goggles were manufactured in what looks like a Southeast Asian sweatshop. You know what music would go great with these pics? F-ing 'Kung Fu Fighting,' bro." Wow. Sweatshop humor is the worst. Shut the whole internet down.