mad men graffitiThe third season of AMC's Mad Men is over, climaxing with a finale in which the REPRESSED SIXTIES ADVERTISING PROFESSIONAL made the BIG DECISION that HURT a LOVED ONE, and then DAMAGED A CHILD. If you're not ready for the let go of your fantasies, you could either switch to 30 Rock or Gossip Girl, the other two shows internet people watch to pretend they're part of a powerful and sexy world free of Rickrolls, or you could watch these five parodies of Mad Men. I've even conveniently labeled the lame one for you.

1. Mad Men in 60 Seconds

The best parody. "We all have secrets, Don. Let's smoke indoors."

2. Mad Libs Men

CollegeHumor always excels when it mixes spot-on aesthetics with absurdity. "People don't fly to get to a destination. They fly to get to a booger."

3. Digital Mad Men

This is a parody by a digital marketing agency. They disabled YouTube embedding, so the real joke here is the agency. This is the skippable one.

4. Drinking Like Mad Men

The women of Slate's Double X Magazine try to spend a full business day drinking as much as the characters on Mad Men.

5. Sesame Street Mad Men

Oh Sesame Street! Always with the clever repurposing of adult shows for children's education! "Good work, sycophants!"