In the future, we will have eerily realistic three-dimensional molds of our faces at our disposal. Whether for the purposes of identity security (?), sexual satisfaction (??), or gift-giving (?!?!?), these miniature monstrosities will elicit a little bit of pee from any poor, terrified soul unfortunate enough to witness one of these molds up close.

They will be produced for use as personalized action figures, mugs, boxes, masks with eye-holes, and crystals in which a visage will seemingly float on air, with cold, lifeless eyes staring into the void for all eternity.

But you know what, guys? The future is now.

That's My Face will take two pictures of one's mug and "do the rest" for you ("the rest," of course, being remotely xeroxing your soul, icing it in a magic death chamber, and then terminating a little piece of it so you wind up with one of these horrors).

Also, Barack Obama and Bruce Willis Finger Puppets!