three wolf moon costumeForget Halloween, this year it was all about HallowMEME. The internet came to life this past Friday, 10/30, at our 2009 HallowMEME Costume Party held at Fontana's in NYC's Lower East Side. In attendance were Keyboard Cats, a few Kanye West and Taylor Swift interrupting duos, Dancing Bananas, Star Wars Kid, Crasher Squirrel, Disaster Girl and all the rest of your favorite memes. Fun was had by all, and even the DMCA, who was also in the house issuing IRL take downs, couldn't stop the roaring party.

A Three Wolf Moon group, a Keyboard & Cat couple costume and a Series of Tubes (handing out pieces of internets, no less) took home the top prizes for the night, but the party was full of EPIC WIN costumes. Seriously, everyone pulled out all the stops -- we were incredibly impressed with the creativity and dedication of the costumes. See the extensive party and meme photobooth pictures and video of the night, below.

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Urlesque Managing Editor Kelly Reeves tracks down some of the coolest meme costumes at the HallowMEME party.

To help set the scene, we handed out some Crasher Squirrel party favors and a had Cake Wreck that was both intentionally and unintentionally wrecked. Note to selves, if we're going to spell out "Urlesque" for them, we should also spell out confusing words like "Know".

See even more photos from the evening on Random Night Out and Flickr.