This year, nothing has provided us with a major case of the )-:'s more than Edarem. After we first came across this real life ghoul in spring (bless him, but how would you describe that "look?"), the blogosphere endured a mini-explosion, providing an outpouring of concern from bloggers and readers like us who just wanted to know, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS GUY?

Sadly, it turned out that the nipple-licking dog and Scrubs theme music performance weren't, as we'd hoped, the satirical work of genius by a middle-aged prodigy. In fact, Edarem had a criminal record (LE SIGH) and has since posted a YouTube video asking that he be be allowed to upload new videos under his friend's account against the wishes of the courts of South Carolina, where he is *gulp* jailed.

Ugh, Edarem, we love you, but we're, like, professionally scared of you. Good luck?