Scarecrows aren't meant to be scary -- well not to people, anyways. They're meant to frighten garden pests like crows, although the science behind that is still up for debate. But due to their Halloween-y nature, some farmers (and regular scarecrow enthusiasts) get a bit carried away with their straw creatures, creating things meant to scare more than just your average crow.

With that, here is a collection of the scariest scarecrows and while the interpretation of "scary" may vary, I assure you that you wouldn't want to be attempting to steal pumpkins from these protectors' gardens.

  • Real jeans, real boots, scary face = not just crows will scurry.

  • There's horrifying strength in numbers.
  • Scarecrows might just be scarier minus the hay wounds.
  • I'm half WTF, but half god-I-hope-this-thing-doesn't-come-to-life.
  • This scarecrow is actually scary because it's practically immune to punches to the head.
  • Someone's rummage sale actually created a scary scarecrow.
  • Maybe if he wasn't dressed in real-people clothes...*shiver*
  • Hold up. You think birds are going to flock AWAY from this gem?

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