ghost videosHalloween 2009 is going to be especially SPOOKTACULAR! Expect the ghouls, goblins and Gosselins to come out en masse, spreading "fun-sized" (small = NOT FUN) Laffy Taffy and peanut brittle cheer for all the neighborhood kids!

Don't think the internet is lacking paranormal activity, though. In fact, ghost hunting is a very popular YouTube staple, and just in time for the bwa-ha-holiday are five terrifying examples that allegedly capture footage of REAL GHOSTS CAUGHT ON VIDEO!!!

Go grab a Lipitor, this is gonna be showstopper.

  • Just when you thought you were alone in the dark, dank, spooky warehouse, a ghost has to come along to ruin everything (unbeknownst to you, natch)!

  • There's a ghost in the woods of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where a family is convinced they've found a spooky shadow lurking in the trees, just atop a ten foot drop.

  • A security camera will do a damn good job when it comes to capturing footage of a spirit as he floats his way through... the car impound???

  • Amazingly, the filmmakers behind this video have come out and said it was doctored. And yet, it's still the most terrifying choice on this list, simply because a ghost that moves is a ghost that spooks.

  • So...this car is a ghost. That drives through a fence. For real. GHOST CAR!

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